Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Promise of Sunrise

Beneath the grey clouds the promise of sunrise.

Some may call the continual, daily rising of the sun faithful.  I call it stubborn.

Stubborn persistence in the face of storms, raging winds, roiling clouds, flashes of lightening.  Because the sun knows a secret we do not.  Its place has been fixed by the One who named it into existence, and the storms on this little globe down here are far removed, in fact, completely disconnected, from its stability, its purpose, its constancy.  

I say to the Lord, You are the Lord, my only source of well-being… Lord, you give me stability… you make my future secure. (Psalm 16:2, 5-6, NET)

Your place, and mine, has been fixed by the One who named us into existence.  Our source of security is the Lord.  He gives our lives stability, purpose, constancy.  He is the One who makes our future secure.  The storms we face in this little globe-life we live cannot stop the stubborn persistence of His faithful purposes for us.  And if you peer closely at the underside of those dark, threatening clouds, you may well see a hint of rose, the promise of sunrise.