Thursday, November 20, 2014

Watching for God’s Quiet Gifts this Holiday Season: The Gift of Perspective

My perspective changed today.

Like a breeze in my heart and mind, it blew refreshing over my thoughts, swirling the dust off my fears and waking me from my hibernation in the cave of resentment.

I have hated coming here for the past year. I have despised the circumstances that bring me to this place. No mother chooses heart disease for her child.  

Every time I walk through those double doors beside the happy-fonted sign reading “Children’s Heart Institute,” I mourn inside. Sad I have to watch my son stickered-up and examined, measured and probed. Afraid of what the results will be today.  

But this day, this NEW day, I looked up, and I listened. I looked up and saw gentleness and compassion in the eyes of the nurse who took our names. I listened and heard kindness in the doctor who holds hearts in his human hands. 

I looked around me and saw people, all trained and equipped to help us, even on the inevitable day when the results are “it’s time for surgery.”

And my heart flooded with gratitude for the provision of people. God’s provision of caring, compassionate, skilled people, there for me and my family.

I left today not angry and resentful at what brought me here, but overflowing with perspective:
He provides in the midst of our pain. Thank you, Father.

Perspective can hunch us over, nose in the corner of our circumstances. Not much room to move. God often comes to us quietly with the gift of perspective change, prompting us to look up, to stand up, to turn around and see something we may have had our back to all along.  

For me today, it was the realization that I am not alone. God has provided people to help me in this unwished-for reality. Amazing, compassionate, experienced people. What a relief! How did I not see that before?

How have you experienced perspective change in your painful circumstances? I would love to hear your story.

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  1. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the writing and imagery in your first paragraph, but that seemed so unimportant when I read the rest of your post. That being said, a new perspectives can be a wonderful thing. God blessed me in a time of great fear and uncertainty with a new perspective, teaching me to stay focused on Him and His presence in my circumstances.
    Sending loves and hugs to you. You have my prayers.