Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Lord Will Fight For You

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. -Exodus 14:14

There was a dark night long ago in North Africa when my husband and I faced danger on a walk home. As we made our way down the deserted, cobbled streets to our neighborhood, some young men approached us, drunk and aggressive. Showering us with insults, they followed us to the small alley that led to our home. 

My husband opened the massive wood doors to our house, pushed me in, and secured the locks as he turned to the men outside.  I stood in the foyer paralyzed with fear as I listened to the men surrounding him and threatening him. 

His voice remained calm and steadfast as he spoke to them, trying to persuade them to leave. As I paced in prayer and frantic worry, I heard the voice of my small son upstairs, calling out for his Daddy.

The sound of a bottle shattering outside filled me with fear as I raced up the stairs to my son’s room.

In the quietness of his bedroom, my little boy sat up in bed and reached his arms out to me. “I want Daddy. Where is he?”

“He’ll be up soon,” I replied as I took him in my arms and rocked him back to sleep, hoping he could not feel my racing heartbeat. His eyes closed gently in sleep as he murmured again, "I want my Daddy."

A short while later the ancient wooden doors groaned as my husband came inside from the street.  I ran to him to see if he was okay.  He had managed to persuade them to leave and no one was hurt. He was safe, the men were gone, and we were all secure again.

I have often wondered where God is when I cry out to him and he does not seem to act or move or come to me with comfort right away. That night, an understanding dawned upon my weary mind.

Perhaps He is fighting for me.

My son wanted the comfort of his father that night, but his father did not come right away. His father was completely consumed with him, though. All that was on his father’s mind was him and his family. And protecting, defending, making them safe.

God’s mind is on you and me today.

He is consumed with protecting, defending, and making us safe from the enemy who schemes against us. God fights for us, and we can trust and be still. He is our great Rescuer, and he gave His life to secure our peace.

Are you fighting today? Have you the courage to stand still and allow the Lord to fight for you?

Share with me how you have seen God fight for you in your life.


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