Thursday, April 21, 2016

Springtime Always Returns: A Reflection on Grief

by Danetta Kellar

for my family

I  made the long trip up the mountain again last week. The rolling green hills, dotted with spring flowers, the tall timbers budding with purple and red kept their secret well. No one could imagine what sadness they witnessed on a summer evening almost two years ago. This is the place of our sorrow, a place where our family has grieved and tried to make sense of senseless evil.

But on this day, the day of my sojourn back, springtime has returned. The sun is bright and the sky an amazing blue. The birds are twittering around excitedly waiting for life to burst forth. Life on the mountain is going on, past the winter, past the grief.

My heart is lifting despite its haunting memories. The song of the creek is carrying my sadness away with its promise of refreshment and hope. I cannot remain sorrowful in light of such life and joy.

There is a mysterious, wonderful power at work in the world, and it is beyond the machinations of man. It is the resurgence of life, the stubborn, relentless return of newness after the stale decay of death. 

The breeze carries warmth that weaves through the winter chill, chasing it away in a dance of delight and hopeful anticipation of life after loss.

I feel overwrought by the force of the Creator’s love, the insistence of His golden sunlight and the beauty of its rays upon the laughing waters of the stream. I feel His strong hand in mine, urging me to run forward with Him into a meadow of hope, of a future beyond grief and sorrow.

I will go with Him. Surely One who has the power to transform winter to spring can bring life to our broken hearts again. I will trust He who masters the seasons.

We'll think of you when the ramps
grow green again, Uncle Dan.
Life comes after death, and springtime always returns. 

Wait for it. It surely comes. No thief can steal the coming of spring; no death can stop it.

Has your life been forced into constant winter by tragedy or death? Take a walk in the beauty of the Spring and let its song carry your heart toward hope. Learn from the buds on the trees, sprouts shooting forth from the stumps cut down last year. There will be life again.

I would love to hear your story of life after loss.


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