Thursday, July 7, 2016

When You are Too Tired to Ask for What You Really Need

by Danetta Kellar

The little girl was crying pitifully, leaning on her mother's leg, pulling at her skirt. Her red face glistened with sweat in the hot and humid summer heat, and her bright blue eyes were tired and distressed. 

Her mother scooped the little one up in her arms and held her tight. Within moments, the tired girl was fast asleep.

We sometimes find ourselves so exhausted we cannot articulate to our Father God what exactly we need. 

We cannot ask for the rest we crave, we cannot think clearly, we are distressed. We stand tugging on Him, incoherent, groaning in misery. God understands the language of exhaustion. He knows what we need without our asking, and He picks us up and holds us. In His arms, we find the rest we need.

We do not need to work harder. We do not need to organize better, eat better, exercise better, produce better, be better. We just need to climb up in His arms and let Him hold us, resting us, bringing peace to the distress. When we awake everything will be clearer.

Like a loving parent, God watches over us and anticipates our needs before we even ask. 

He knows the weariness of your soul and mine, and He understands us better than we understand ourselves. His strong arms are ready to embrace us, to give us the refuge we long for but cannot articulate.

What is exhausting you today? Have you taken time to rest in God's love for you? 

Let God hold you today. Tomorrow will be clearer for it.


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