Thursday, September 29, 2016


by Danetta Kellar

For my true father, and for anyone who has waited beside a loved one as they made the Last Journey.

I stood upon the edge of the sea,
As the gentle tide withdrew from me;
My feet stood sinking in the sand,
Upon the water, upon the land.

This in-between place waited I,
As waves retreated, then drew nigh;
All the while the distance grew,
Between life lost and life anew.

Watching, waiting, agony,
Memories gripping, chastening me;
Taken for granted, words and time,
Opportunities no longer mine.

You made me safe, you strengthened me,
Showed me honor I had not seen;
Led me on the higher road,
Loved me, made me your very own.

Brilliant sunset fading gray,
I held on wishing you would stay;
Receding day, hastening night,
My heart grasped after fleeting light.

Standing there watching dark descend,
I wondered if my heart could mend;
If sun again would ever rise,
Painting its beauty in the skies.

As the tide recedes from me,
I am swallowed up in grief;
Tarrying still I linger on,
Straining to hear the ocean’s song.

I will listen, listen still
Until its sweet refrain grows dim;
I will be here by the sea,
Even as you part from me.


  1. Thank you. Our souls cry out to express themselves at such a time as this, but words do not come easily.