Thursday, October 27, 2016

Standing Evenly at the Will of God (The Circumstance We Never Wished For)

by Danetta Kellar

The things we would least choose to have are round about us. But “In these things be not thrown down, nor despair not; but stand evenly at the will of God, and suffer all things that cometh to thee, to the praising of our Lord Jesus Christ; for after winter cometh summer, and after even cometh day, and after tempest cometh clearness." -Rose from Brier, Amy Carmichael

The week our life changed, thousands of people prepared for a life-threatening hurricane. 

They secured their property, evacuated their children, and found safe shelter far from the eye of the pending storm. News channels vibrated with a cacophony of warnings, updates, and radar images of the coming menace. 

While all this preparation was going on, we were in the midst of our own tempest, one for which we could not prepare, could not evacuate, could not find safe shelter. 

Hands interlocked, arms wrapped tightly around one another, we stood evenly at the will of God as the tempest of Loss raged through our hearts and lives, death taking one who had made us feel safe and secure. 

We did the only thing we know. We planted our feet on the Rock of Christ as the storm assailed our emotions and our physical endurance, and we prayed to survive.

My experience standing evenly at the will of God, though it come as a devastating wind, is teaching me lessons I did not wish to be taught.

We stand evenly when we are upheld by others. 

When one grows weary and breaks under sorrow’s weight, another’s strength holds that one up. We need each other. It is our tendency to withdraw, but God has placed within us a need for community. Community carries us when we are not able to stand in our own strength.

We are somehow not thrown down when we feed our souls daily, sometimes hourly, with the Word of God.

No other words pierce the sorrow and give direction in the fog of grief like the words of God. Light shines forth from them we had not noticed before. An old familiar passage may gleam with new treasure that speaks directly and pointedly to our present circumstance. The Holy Spirit, the Counselor, counsels us through the Bible.

We suffer… with hope for the next season. 

Grief does not consult a calendar or keep a tidy schedule. Grief comes at will, unpredictably. And we must let it come. We are tangled up inside, and with each surge of grief, a knot is freed. Find a private place, a safe person, whatever you need to let go, and express your grief. Then remind yourself that another season is coming,  a new season that will surely spring up from the very tears you have shed in this dry and desert place.

How have you managed to stand evenly at the will of God, even when it came in the form of suffering or loss? Your story may be just what someone else needs today.

Dear Lord, please help me to stand in this difficult circumstance. Feed me daily with the promises found in your Word, and hold me tightly when grief overwhelms me, filling my heart with hope for the next season. Amen.


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