Thursday, January 19, 2017

When God’s Portion is Pie

by Danetta Kellar

I had pie for breakfast.

It’s true, I have a weakness for pie. I love the holidays, because if there is pie left over, I know what I am having for breakfast with my cup of strong coffee. Pie!

I have not always been so free. Free to eat pie and even tell you about it. But many years ago, through much pain, I learned the lesson of Portion. God has a portion for us each day if we will look to Him for it. A portion of energy, a portion of purpose. For those of us who struggle with it, His appointed portion of food.

We expect that God’s portions, on the Straight and Narrow Way, must be boring, under-sized and no fun. 

We think His regime must be condemning, always leaving us wishing for more, hungry. We look for God’s gifts to come in a brown paper sack with a twine bow.

That is what I used to think. But as I trusted Him day by day on the Portion journey, His gifts surprised and delighted me with their extravagance and detail. Gifts of more energy as I trusted Him with the little I had. Gifts of multiplied finances as I practiced generosity with the portion He entrusted to me. Absolute gems in the form of quality friendships that shone with authenticity and faithfulness as I took the risk to be transparent with others.

Instead of the constricting, choking life of hyper-control and perfectionism I once lived, life with Him has proved to be one of liberty and grace. And some days, His Portion for me is pie.

Whether you struggle with Portion size in the area of finances, time, food, or something else, there is an invitation with your name on it. It is an invitation to the table of the King, and an inheritance of Portion for every day of your life. 

The lesson of Portion became real to me over twenty years ago as I left a Bible study for those struggling with food issues. I was about to head out to Africa where there were no health foods, no gyms, and I could not control the food available to me. I was terrified. And angry with myself for being terrified and so unspiritual about such a dumb thing as food and my body image.

The truth is, behind my portion problem was an idol. I worshiped thinness and control, perfectionism and performance. I guess that’s four idols. At least.

I ran to the Word of God for a promise, anything, to help me let this go and trust Him. I was scared to let others see my sin. I was petrified that this area of perpetual failure in my life would rob me of the purposes God had for me.

I opened my Bible to words which would become the very vehicle in which I would race to freedom the rest of my life:

(The king) released Jehoiachin from prison…Jehoiachin changed his prison clothes and had his meals in the king’s presence regularly all the days of his life; and for his allowance, a regular allowance was given him by the king, a portion for each day, all the days of his life.
(2 Kings 25: 27, 29-30, NASB)

King Jehoiachin was a king of Judah. He belonged to God. But he had been captured and exiled, taken to prison in Babylon.

I belonged to God. But I had been captured and exiled, imprisoned by my idolatry. I was a prisoner longing for freedom. That evening, I sat in my car and sobbed over these golden words of hope. I would lay aside my prison clothes and be free! I was promised a portion for each day, all the days of my life! These words were a lifeboat. I climbed aboard and rowed to safety with all my might.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered freedom, joy and pie at the table of the King. There are hard days, days when I have to fall at His feet and beg for rest and refocus. The world and its cares sweep me away sometimes. The accusing voice in my head condemns me and tells me what a failure I am. I look behind me and prison looks appealing some days with its distorted lies of what will really make me happy. But I always return to the promise of Portion, and it is faithfully waiting there for me. And sometimes, it’s pie.

Where is your life out of balance? Time? Energy? Purpose? Food? 

God has a portion for you and for me, for each day, all the days of our lives. 

Join me daily as I go to Him first thing to check in and receive my portion. And with it, His approval and love.

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