Thursday, March 2, 2017

100 Days of Truth

by Danetta Kellar

Lent has begun, and many, be they of a liturgical bent or not, have decided to embrace this ancient church tradition and give something up.

I have decided, in my typical non-conformist fashion, to actually embrace something instead. Upon closer examination, I guess in taking up something I am actually also releasing something that once took its place. 

Each day for the next 100 days, I am going to intentionally choose a Biblical truth on which to set my mind and heart. Embrace a truth; release whatever was in its place. 

(I know, 100 is more than Lent's 40 days... I'm an overachiever and need more time to form a new habit...)

Today I am embracing hope. 

I cannot seem to escape from God's proclamations of hope all around me as spring bursts forth early this year. In my recent pessimism, I had the audacity to even be grumpy and complain when spring began to courageously poke its head out of the brown deadness of winter. It's too early, I complained. Everything is going to get zapped by a cold snap. But apparently, no one told the flowers to be afraid to bloom. Their optimism has won me over to a plan much better than my own. 

If the spring flowers could sing, they would make Handel's Messiah seem small and elementary. 

With colors no man created, intricate details drawn in the mind of God, perfume imagined first in heaven, they shout hallelujah and declare to all who will notice that nothing dead is really dead. Life cannot be stopped. 

Hope cannot be quelled, stayed, defeated, or demolished.

Let go of depression and dance the jubilee of hope today. Nothing. Is beyond. The life-giving power of our God.

Please join me in 100 days of truth. 

Choose your own truth from the Bible each day. Post it and claim it, embrace it and release whatever was in its place. 

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to see my daily truths and let's parade through the next 100 days with #100daysoftruth. 

I don't claim to have originated this hashtag, but let's make it our own and flood our networks with Truth that Remains.


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