Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Best Gift Walt Disney Ever Gave

by Danetta Kellar

We were walking around entranced, captured by the magic of Disney World. 

When my daughter spilled her drink, a cast member immediately appeared with a smile and wiped it up, leaving the bench looking shiny and perfect. Even the ducks who waddled among the crowds seemed enchanted. 

We stopped to admire a tree cleverly shaped to resemble an ostrich and then leaned into a cool breeze wafting across the railing. Looking down across a gently flowing stream, I gasped. Shooting up only yards from the perfectly manicured topiary garden were weeds. Lots of them. Standing up defiantly through the ivy, they lifted their green fists toward the lovely blue sky as if victorious. They had pulled the curtain back and revealed the wizard behind the magic. And he was a mere, flawed, mortal.

Perfectionism is flawed.

The idea of perfectionism only finds its fullness in God. Perfect means complete. And God is complete within Himself. We are only complete with Him. He is what we are missing.

God is what we are missing on the days something just doesn’t seem right. He is what we are missing when the news leaves us feeling agony and despair. He is what we are missing at night as we lie sleepless worried about finances or children going astray. God is what we are missing when we fight with a friend, a spouse, a co-worker. 

God is the missing piece that completes our lives. Life without Him is an incomplete, imperfect, life which can never be truly fulfilled.

The throngs of people who flock to Disney each day are drawn to the magic, the ideal of Perfect. The hope and dream of Happy. The wish for True.

Even a brilliant, imaginary, generous visionary like Walt Disney cannot hide the weeds of an imperfect world, an imperfect life, lived by imperfect humanity. 

Perhaps the best gift Walt Disney has given us is the ability to see our longing for perfection and joy, for completion. 

It is a God-crafted longing in every person, reflecting his and her very essence, the image of God reflected in each human soul. The fingerprint of God in each heart longs for completion. We were made to be complete.

Completion, or perfection, is only found when our souls are united with our Creator through Jesus Christ. Christ restored the broken relationship between us and the God who made us. Christ made completion possible again for every person. 

Our longing for the Magic Kingdom is a longing for heaven. In that Kingdom we will not only walk the streets as visitors, but as citizens. And there will be no more weeds.

If you have not given your heart to God, accepted his gift of completion through Jesus Christ, you can do that right now. Take this moment to trust Him and accept His gift of citizenship in heaven. Write to me in the comments section below and let’s walk the streets together.


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  1. I loved this! I have been longing for a home by water, and I have found that my relentless quest to be beside still water is a longing for heaven. A place of peace (completeness!)