Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Lesson of the Creek

by Danetta Kellar

I never tire of sitting by the roaring waters of the creek that winds around two sides of our family cabin. 

Built by my uncle when I was a small child, the refuge represents years of family gatherings. Folks have come and gone over the decades, but the flowing of the creek has never ceased.

In all my years of watching its waters, I have never seen them flow uphill. 

Down, down, down they go, singing all the way. Mossy boulders lie strewn about as if a giant was interrupted in a game of marbles and left them scattered. But the water finds its way around them, even changing the surface of the rocks, smoothing their rough sharp edges. 

It is said that this creek flows into a river, which flows through several states and ends in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Downward the waters glide, never stopping until they reach the sea in all its glory.

God has placed a song within the tinkling voice of the creek today. I can hear the sweet melody as it beckons me lower, lower still.

Lay your life down, seek the low places, it sings. Do not strive to flow uphill, to elevate yourself to the heights. Come with me down the mountain, toward the glory of the sea! The last shall be first, and the first shall be last. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord.

Laying our lives down lower and lower takes humility. 

Every day we are in relationship with others we have the opportunity to go lower. Unlike the flowing stream, our natural inclination is not to seek the low places. Placing others before ourselves is not instinctive for most of us. It must be deliberately chosen and practiced until a habit is formed.

I want to be like the creek, ever pursuing the low places. The creek knows that the low places are the way to the sea. For the follower of Christ, the low-lying canyons of humility and service to others are the way to Christ Himself. 

Lord, make me like the mountain stream that sings its way down, down, down, finally reaching the glory of the sea. Amen.


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